Meltingdots provides marketing and promotion strategies to brands and companies which are interested in having presence to the virtual world. Meltingdots partners with numerous virtual worlds (including many Japanese services), recommending the best virtual world for our clients.

  • Secondlife The most promised service to be the standard of the 3D internet


    A 3D online space which all the contents are made by the users.

    You can own land, buy and sell items, and make 3D content inside only by registering as a user. Linden dollars, the virtual currency in the world can be changed in to real US dollars.

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  • Scene Caster A browser based 3D content creation media


    Anybody will be able to visualize their own 3D space by using this service. Scene caster is a combination of social media application and a web community, and can be shown on blogs.

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  • Any A mobile open SNS with Japanese style avatars


    Most Japanese avatar services are Manga like, with short sized, big head, big eye characters. Compared to this, "Any" uses average height avatars, with high quality animation. The service fits well with real life fashion brands and companies.

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