Meltingdots will help you research virtual worlds, avatar services and social media in or out of Japan with marketing analysis, reports, seminars and international conference information to provide the best virtual world for your brand.

  • Advisory

    Meltingdots will help plan your marketing strategies with our professional experience in the web industry, especially with services related to web communities and so called "Web2.0 services".

  • Seminars

    Hiroshi Asaeda, CEO of Meltingdots is a futurist and evangelist of the next generation internet. From his point of view as a digital native, he will speak in conferences about the future of internet being used for real life communication basis.

  • Conference Support

    Meltingdots occasionally attends international business conferences for research. We will also help companies actually attend and sponsor these conferences, both from Japan to foreign countries, or to attend to Japan conferences from foreign countries.

    【Recently attended】

    • Virtual World Conference&Expo
    • Game Developers Conference
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